How to enable ZipArchive in WHM or EasyApache 4

Hosting your sites on a VPS or Dedicated server sometimes gives you little trouble doing specific things using PHP such as handling a ZIP archive. Recently we upgraded our web hosting servers to new dedicated servers at Hivelocity and found the same issue. Here’s how you can enable ZipArchive in WHM/EasyApache 4.

Look for the options

First, log in to your WHM using root’s credentials and search for Apache. Look for the menu item “EasyApache 4“. It may take a while to load that specific menu item’s details page. Hence, wait for a couple of minutes.

Once loaded, you will find few options and one of them going to be “Currently Installed Packages“.

The Solution

There’s a “Customize” button beside that package name, click that and navigate to “PHP Extensions“. On the next screen, search for ZIP. You will see many options such as “php55-php-zip“, “php56-php-zip“, the number of ZIP extensions depends on the PHP versions installed on your server. Enable those extensions, the system will install the extensions if needed and you are done.

ZipArchive Options

Alternatively, if you are using a fully managed server, you can ask your server support to do this for you.

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