Streamlining Medication Delivery: A Flutter-Powered Mobile App Revolutionizes the Transportation Industry 
  • 15 May, 2023
  • By Pankaj


In the bustling city of Los Angeles, where timely medication delivery is crucial, Hannas Transportation Inc. sought a cutting-edge solution to optimize its operations. Neuvo WebTech stepped up to the challenge, developing a groundbreaking mobile application, Platform Delivery, powered by Flutter, to revolutionize pharmacy transportation and delivery processes. 

Simplifying Delivery Logistics with Flutter: 

Platform Delivery, developed using the versatile Flutter framework, empowers pharmacies with a convenient web portal, allowing them to schedule their daily deliveries effortlessly. By inputting delivery addresses, the system harnesses the power of Google Maps and NextBillion APIs to create optimized routes, saving time and resources. With an accurate day’s delivery cost calculation, pharmacies can confirm orders, triggering a holding charge on their credit card while the system dispatches available drivers. 

Seamless Delivery Execution with Laravel and MySQL: 

Behind the scenes, the robust Laravel backend and MySQL database work harmoniously to ensure seamless delivery execution. Equipped with the Platform Delivery mobile app, drivers embark on their routes guided by real-time tracking and geofencing technology. The app ensures transparency and accountability, allowing both the admin and the client (pharmacy) to monitor the driver’s location throughout the delivery process. When delivering a package, drivers capture the receiver’s signature using the app’s intuitive drawing panel, capturing a unique touch of authenticity. Additionally, they snap photos of each delivery, maintaining an indisputable record of successful drop-offs. 

Efficient Financial Management with Integrated APIs: 

The Platform Delivery system seamlessly integrates with essential APIs to optimize financial management and ensure operational efficiency. Background verifications, facilitated by the Checkr BGC API, ensure the drivers’ credentials and reliability, guaranteeing a trustworthy workforce. Furthermore, the integration of Stripe enables automated and on-demand payouts, ensuring drivers receive their earnings seamlessly and can request payouts directly through the app. 

Impact and Success: 

With its robust Flutter front-end, Laravel-powered backend, and MySQL database, Platform Delivery has transformed the medication delivery landscape, streamlining operations for Hannas Transportation Inc. and enhancing the experience for pharmacies and their patients. The app has optimized efficiency, reduced costs, and elevated customer satisfaction by automating routing, tracking, and financial processes. With real-time updates and reliable service, the Flutter-powered mobile application has become a game-changer in the transportation industry, setting a new standard for on-time, secure medication deliveries. 


Through the collaboration between Neuvo WebTech and Hannas Transportation Inc., the Flutter-powered Platform Delivery mobile application has reshaped how medication is transported in Los Angeles. This innovative solution has paved the way by integrating Flutter’s flexibility, Laravel’s robustness, MySQL’s reliability, and essential APIs like Google Maps, NextBillion, Checkr BGC, and Stripe for efficient, secure, and hassle-free deliveries. Neuvo WebTech remains at the forefront of revolutionizing the transportation landscape as the industry evolves, providing businesses with tailored solutions that unlock their full potential.