Squarespace Plays “Domain” o with Google: Here’s What You Need to Know 
  • 16 Aug, 2023
  • By Pankaj

Hey everyone! 🚀 

You won’t believe the news I woke up to this morning—Squarespace and Google just pulled a total switcheroo on us. If, like me, you’re a fan of the internet realm, this kind of coffee talk starts your day. 

So, What’s the Tea? ☕ 

Squarespace is all set to buy out domain name registrations and their related customer accounts from none other than our big G—Google Domains. I had to rub my eyes and re-read that email several times. Who knew, right? 

First Things First: Don’t Panic! 🚫🔥 

If you’re a Google Domains customer (like yours truly), here’s the 411:  

1. Stay Calm and Dom-on: Right now, there’s zilch for you to do. Your domain remains under Google’s loving care until it’s time to pack its bags for Squarespace. That journey will start once the deal is inked and migration kicks off. 

2. The Future is Squarespace-y: In the coming months, we’ll all be slowly ushered into the Squarespace Domains crib. But they won’t leave you in the dark—you’ll get a heads-up when your domain’s relocation day arrives. 

3. What About Reliability? Here’s the twist! Even after joining Team Squarespace, we’ll still benefit from Google Cloud DNS infrastructure. So, your domain’s performance? Same stellar stuff, different day. 

What’s Changing, Really? 🔄 

Once the regulatory bigwigs give this move a nod and the dust settles, while Squarespace will own your domain account, you still get to manage it via Google Domains. It’s like moving out but still having a key to your old place. 

But brace for this—after a short transition period, the reins will completely pass to Squarespace. They’ll take charge of everything from billing info to customer data. If you’re sipping the Google Workspace juice billed by Google Domains, even that’s getting a Squarespace makeover. 

Remember that policies shift, so soon after migration, you’ll play by Squarespace’s rulebook regarding privacy and terms of service. 

And What If I Want Out? 🏃‍♂️ 

The freedom is all yours! If you’re itching for a change or this match-up isn’t the rom-com you envisioned, you can always transfer your domain(s) to another registrar. Be it before the migration dance or after, the choice is yours. 

Parting Thoughts: As always, change can be daunting and thrilling. It’s like getting a surprise letter—there’s curiosity, excitement, and a smidge of apprehension. But remember, in the sprawling world of the internet, and it’s just another day. 

So, how do you feel about this unexpected union? Let’s chat in the comments! 

Keep surfing, 
Team Neuvo 

P.S. Want to dive deeper? You can snoop into Squarespace’s domain plans right here.